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Jumping Rules

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Do accompanying persons have to pay for entrance?


No. Only the jumpers pay entry. Those who do not jump are welcome to stay in our free children's play area, seating area or in our arcade.


Does everyone have to sign a waiver?


Yes. Everyone who wants to jump in the Trampolin Jump Arena must sign a waiver. If you are not yet of legal age, you should have your parents or legal guardians sign this waiver.

Trampolines are sports equipment that can seriously injure you. It is therefore important that all visitors adhere to the jumping rules and instructions of the Trampolin Jump Arena team. In the waiver, each jumper confirms that he accepts our rules and adheres to them.


Must I always book online or can I just drop by?


Due to our maximum capacity, we recommend that you purchase your tickets online in advance on our website. You can also simply buy your tickets from us at the front desk, however there may be long waiting times, especially on weekends and public holidays, when the desired time slot is sold out.


Can I book my jump ticket online and pay at the trampoline park?


No, unfortunately this is not possible. In order to book in advance, the jump time must be paid in advance.


How can I pay if I book my jump time online?


If you book your jump time online, you can pay for it via online bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or Giropay.


Can I celebrate a birthday party in the Trampolin Jump Arena?


Yes :) There is the possibility to buy a regular ticket for 1 or 2 hours, for example. This option does not include a table reservation.

We offer birthday packages including table reservations, food & drinks, gifts, etc. You can find more information here.

You are welcome to bring a birthday cake or muffins. No other food or drink are allowed (except for water in plastic bottles).

** We recommend book approx. 2 tickets less than guests are expected. This gives you a small buffer.

If we receive your info by telephone at least 1 day before your visit, we can adjust the booking slightly without any problems ;-) (+ / - 1 to 2 jumpers).

I have a "Schlemmerblock" voucher, can I still book online?

Yes, you can simply buy 1 ticket less when booking and leave a comment for us in the booking process "+ 1 ticket Schlemmerblock". Then we will reserve an additional jump ticket for you.


Can I bring my own food and drink?

Unfortunately, no. In accordance with our health, hygiene and safety rules, we cannot allow food and drinks. In our check-in area we offer a selection of drinks and snacks at reasonable prices.

The only exception: You can bring water in a plastic (!) Bottle.


Are the trampoline Jump Arena socks mandatory?


Yes, for hygiene and safety reasons, the Trampolin Jump Arena jump socks must always be worn. You can then take the socks home with you and bring them back the next time you visit us!

3 to 6 year olds are an exception. Parents can bring their own anti-slip socks with rubber sole if our smallest size (XS = 16 cm foot length) does not fit.

Can I wear glasses while jumping?

For safety reasons, jumping is only permitted with approved sports glasses or contact lenses.


Is there a weight limit for using the trampolines? 


Yes, please note the weight limit of 110 kg (242 lbs) / each person when using our trampolines.


Does an age limit exit?

From the age of 7 and up, children and teenagers can jump without parents or an accompanying person.

The prerequisite for this is of course the consent of the parents or legal guardians and a waiver must be signed.


For children between 3 and 6 years of age, an adult supervisor must jump and also buy a jump ticket. Depending on the occupancy, an adult can also take care of several children aged 3-6 years.


If I don't want to jump myself, is there a waiting area where I can wait for my children?

Yes, there is a seating area with a good view to the children's playground and the trampoline park.


Are there lockers?


We provide a large number of lockers for our guests free of charge.


Are there changing rooms and showers?

There are changing rooms for men and women, so that all guests have the opportunity to change and freshen up in peace. Showers are not available.


What does the entry cost?

The basic jump ticket price is € 8.50 for 60 minutes jump time.

The Trampoline Jump Arena jump socks cost a one-time fee of € 2.50, you can keep them and bring them back to jump again and again. Click here for all prices.


What happens if I am late?

Your jump time starts on time at the booked time. Please be there 30 minutes before your booked jumping time. It would be a shame if you lose valuable jumping time because you still have to check in, change clothes and / or take part in the safety briefing.


In the event that you are late, you are not entitled to use the trampoline park for the full booked time. However, we will endeavor to make this possible, if the occupancy allows it.

However, if we are fully booked, changing/switching the jumping time is unfortunately not possible. In this case, you can unfortunately only use the remaining duration of your booked jump time.


Do I have to print out my jump ticket?

You can print out the jump ticket or simply show it on the phone screen.


Can I take my camera / cell phone / GoPro with me on the trampoline areas?


No, it is not allowed. It may only be filmed from the edge (Floor).

Selfie sticks or other holders are strictly prohibited.


You can find an iPad in the trampoline area which you can record yourself. The app on the iPad is great for video analysis of your jumps and you can have your video sent to you via a link via email or SMS.


How dangerous is trampoline jumping?

As with any sporting activity, there is a certain risk of injury when jumping on trampolines. Of course, we take all precautions to keep this risk as low as possible. Even if we do everything we can to make our jumping experience as safe as possible, we must expressly point out that particularly difficult jumps like somersaults on a trampoline require special practice and experience. Failed jumps by inexperienced people - can sometimes lead to serious injuries.


Are there parking spaces?

We have 15 parking spaces right in front of our entrance.


A jumper from our group canceled, do I get the money back for the ticket?


Cancellation of tickets is unfortunately not possible because the bookings are binding. One possibility is that you can find another person who wants to come with you. Alternatively, you can bring the rest of the ticket with you and we will try to sell it to other guests. However, we cannot guarantee that. Please give us a call as soon as you know that somebody canceled. If we have enough time we can change the booking.

Are there any discounts for people with disabilities?

There are discounts for children and adults with disabilities, provided that they hold the B severely disabled card. The holder of the ID card pays the normal admission price, the accompanying person does not pay admission, but must also purchase Trampolin Jump Arena socks.


Note on booking: When booking online, the accompanying person must first pay the normal ticket price. At the check-in at the front desk, you will be reimbursed for the price upon presentation of your severely disabled ID card B. Spontaneous visitors without online booking pay the reduced price directly on site upon presentation of the disabled person's ID.

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